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Parent & Student


Copyright 2011 Elite Dance Company, Inc.. All rights reserved

Studio Address: 640 Rail Road Drive #700 NYA, MN 55368

Our dedicated staff is highly qualified and has many years of experience sharing the art of dance with others. We pride ourselves on teaching more than just dance steps. We teach Discipline, Self Esteem, Grace, Respect for oneself and others, Team Work, And Good Sportsmanship. Our goal is to discover the gifts of each dancer and develop them to their highest potential so that they may enrich their lives through dance.

First Day of Class

 Students should come dressed in the proper dance attire

 Dancers should all bring a small dance bag with their shoes and a water bottle

 Please label your child’s dance shoes and bag with his/her initials.

Class Attire

 Students in a Tap/Ballet/Jazz combination class must wear tights and a leotard to each class; any color is fine. Students are required to have tan tap shoes and/or pink ballet shoes and/or black jazz shoes. For a more detailed description, please refer to the Classes tab on our website.

 Students in Hip Hop class must wear moveable clothing. Dance pants, shorts, t-shirts and tanks are all acceptable. No jeans or baggy sweatshirts. Students are required to have black jazz shoes.

 Tumblers are required to wear a fitted leotard and footless tights. No shoes are required for this class.

Dress Code

 Each child must have his/her dance shoes at each practice.

 Dance shoes should not be worn outside and street shoes are not to be worn on the studio floors. Please leave your street shoes in the hallway outside of the studio.

 Hair must be pulled back, away from the face and secured in a ponytail, bun, etc.

 Any jewelry or extra accessories should be left at home and are not permitted in class.

 Please put your name on all articles of clothing and shoes.

 Elite Dance Company is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Registration/tuition policy

 Tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month September—April (statements are not issued).

 After the 10th of the month, late payments will be assessed a non-refundable $15.00 late fee. Please make sure to include your child’s name and payment details with each check to ensure your payment is applied properly.

 Payments may be mailed directly to Elite Dance Company or can be submitted to the front desk at the Studio.

 A $30.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.


Each class orders 1-2 costumes. One costume classes have a costume fee of $85.00 that is due October 15th. Two costume classes have a costume fee of $75/per costume; one costume fee due Oct. 15 and the other due Dec. 15. We cannot under any circumstances, refund money for costumes once they are ordered. Please store each costume and its accessories together.

Class Attendance

To reach full potential in class, a student must attend on a consistent basis. We expect regular attendance from all of our students at Elite Dance Company. Please make sure your child arrives approximately 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time to ensure preparation for class. If a student must miss a class, please notify the studio @ (952)-210-4870. Poor class attendance may result in dismissal from performances at the discretion of the instructor. There are no credits or refunds for classes missed.

Class Cancellations

IMPORTANT: We do not automatically cancel dance classes if there is no school, please refer to our monthly calendar for no class dates. Monthly calendars will be posted on our website, under the Schedule tab and also on our bulletin board right outside of class. Poor weather conditions can affect dance classes, depending on the timing of the storm. As such, cancellations may occur if an evening storm creates dangerous driving conditions. However, we make every attempt to hold classes. In the event that you are uncertain whether or not we have class due to weather concerns, call the studio or listen to the school announcements to receive a weather-related message. Please note: if NYA schools close due to weather, lessons are automatically cancelled. These lessons will not be made up.

Dancers Expectations

 Please do not bring gum, food, or drinks into the studio.

 Make sure to dispose of any trash that may be left behind.

 Please remain quiet in the waiting room until your class.

 Please be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your instructors.

 Listen and do your best! Remember, you are here to learn.

Parents Expectations

 If you have questions or concerns--please TELL US! If instructors are busy with classes we will call and make arrangements to speak or meet with you at a convenient time.

 Please come into the Studio and make sure you have received any current information that may have been handed out, this is especially important at recital time.

 Notify instructors of any difficulties your child may have.

 Please call if your child is going to be absent or needs to leave early.

 Pay tuition and fees on time.

 Please make sure to review this handbook and all guidelines with your child.


News Letters

Email newsletters will be available online and by email. All correspondence will be posted in the newsletters to ensure that you will be up-to-date with Elite Dance news and events. Please make sure you list a current email address on your child’s registration form so you may receive any and all updates.

Waiting Area

The waiting area at Elite Dance is for the convenience of our students and parents/guardians. An adult must supervise all children at all times. Running and misbehavior through the hallways and waiting area will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of others and the classes in session. Quiet conversation is welcome. We also ask that this area be kept clean and orderly. Trash should be placed in proper receptacles. All waiting room accessories (chairs, books, magazines, etc.) should be returned back to their proper place after being used. Elite Dance Company is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Studio Area

Food and drink are not permitted in the studios. Absolutely NO street shoes are permitted on the dance floors. Dirt, dust and debris from street shoes can lead to falls and injuries and may harm dance floors. Students are not to lean on or touch studio mirrors. The dance barres are for educational purposes only. Students are not to hang or swing from barres; nor should clothes or towels be hung from the barres. All teaching tools, props, visual aids, and sound equipment are property of Elite Dance Company and should not be used without permission of the instructor.

Homework/Quiet Room

The homework room at Elite Dance is for quiet study. This room is not a daycare and is intended for older children that have time in between their dance classes or adults who wish to read, etc.


Children must be potty trained to participate in Elite Dance classes. We ask parents to remind students, especially young students, to use the restroom prior to class time. If a child needs to use the restroom during class time, students need only ask permission from their instructor. Please help us in keeping the restrooms clean.

Parent Pick-up/Drop-off

Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from class on time. Students must wait inside the building until their ride arrives.

NEW @ Elite Dance

For your convenience, we now sell dance shoes directly from our studio. If you still need dance shoes, let us know and we will get your child sized and order his/her shoes.